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Global Gateway Traders is a merchant and broker exclusively focused on marketing and distribution of pulp, paper and packaging products. We have a reputation for highest quality products, combined with exemplary service and competitive pricing.
We serve the American, Canadian, Swedish and Russian print industry with film, paper and board products. With our established supplier network and efficient inventory management you can depend on Global Gateway Traders for quality products and timely delivery

  • Printers

    Your customers expect you to deliver superb image quality every time. Anything less impacts their brand and your business. With Global Gateway Traders you can rely on our high quality and consistent coated and uncoated paper products for superior image quality every time.

  • Packaging Companies

    Value for money, consistent film and board products and predictable lead time are non-negotiable in the packaging business. Global Gateway Traders is focused on ensuring you get the consistently high-quality products you need with predictable lead times.

  • Pulp & Paper Brokers

    For over forty years we have been servicing the printing, packaging, and paper making industries, and we now have customers in over fifty countries on six continents. Our relationships with paper mills and suppliers has been built on mutual respect and integrity in our business dealings

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