Products List

Global Gateway Traders supplies pulp, paper and film products to printers and packaging companies. Our high quality products are sourced from first-quality mills. We also ship to numerous customers in countries all around the world.

Printing Paper

  1. Coated Text
    (Gloss & Matte)
  2. Coated Cover
    (Gloss & Matte)
  3. Uncoated Offset
  4. Coated Board


  1. C1S Board
  2. C2S Board
  3. BOPP Film
  4. PETG Film (eg. shrink sleeve labels)
  5. PVC Film


  1. Newsprint — Standard, High Bright, Bulky and Colors in all GMS and sizes
  2. Light Weight Coated (LWC)
  3. Woodfree Coated Papers
  4. Super Calendar Papers (SCA)
  5. Soft Calendar Papers (SCB)
  6. Telephone Directory Papers
  7. Woodfree Offset Papers
  8. Photocopy / Laser Copier Papers
  9. Notebook Papers
  10. Continuous Forms Papers

Packaging and Specialities

  1. Kraft Linerboard (virgin and recycled)
  2. White Top Linerboard
  3. Semi-Chem Fluting Medium
  4. Duplex and Folding Box Boards
  5. Solid Bleached Sulphate Boards (SBS)